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John Devanney

John Devanney

About John Devanney

John Devanney is a Managing Director at Moment, a digital product design and strategy firm in New York City.

For over 13 years Moment has worked with financial services, media, healthcare, and retail companies designing innovative digital products and services that deepen customer relationships while providing lasting value.

Creating products that are both delightful to use and successful for business has driven John throughout his 20+ year career. In addition to his management responsibilities at Moment, John works closely with his clients to help them bring their digital products to market, and continually improve them after launch. At Moment, John has brought his distinctive enthusiasm, design expertise, and leadership to clients such as the NFL, American Express, ESPN, Viacom, Tiffany & Co., and Walt Disney.


The Design Management Office: Delivering the Value of Design at Scale

Thu 11 October 18
12:00 - 12:30

Design leaders truly now have “seats at the table” in business, but those seats come with some unexpected strings attached. After convincing design can drive business value, how do we deliver that value team after team, project after project? How do we create sustainable design careers? How do we communicate the value created by design? We have to do more than just build large teams – we have to build and manage teams with the right process, people, and project components it takes to consistently execute. In this talk, you’ll learn about the Design Management Office, a framework for building design capabilities that scale and learn how John and his team are beginning to put it to work at the largest consumer mobile company in the United States.