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Amélie Lamont

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Amélie wants to live in a world where entrepreneurs are boldly changing the world and people break out in song (Glee-style) for fun. She combines over 10 years of experience in design, customer service and startups into her current work as consulting product designer. When she’s not designing, you can find her coding for fun, writing, doing yoga practicing dance moves in her living room, and trying to understand why the meaning of life and everything as we know it is 42


Work in Progress

Wed 10 October 18
14:20 - 14:40

Let’s face it, whether you’re seasoned or newly minted, being a manager is complex and highly rewarding. Helping people to step into their best selves means that you have a lot of power, and it’s important for you to be aware of it. In this talk, we’ll discuss the ways in which managing can harm or uplift people. We’ll then talk about how you can focus more on building and how to take ownership if you’re caused harm. To wrap it all up, we’ll explore how you can create a safe, inclusive environment that allows you AND your team to be works-in-progress, working to improve yourselves, one another and your company.