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Todd Dominey

Todd Dominey

About Todd Dominey

Todd Dominey is the former design lead at MailChimp. During Todd's recent three year tenure at the company, he helped found MailChimp Design -- a new department incorporating brand, marketing and product design. With the goal of providing consistent brand experiences across all touchpoints, MailChimp Design grew from a handful of people to over forty. The team also rebooted its design system, built-out a design ops function, and worked across departments to strike the right balance of centralized versus embedded designers in cross-functional teams. Looking back over his time as the team's lead, Todd will speak about how MailChimp Design was formed and lessons learned along the way. In his life outside of MailChimp, Todd is an ardent travel photographer and father with two kids living in Atlanta.


Brand Experience at Scale: Forming a Design Department, the Highs and Lows

Thu 11 October 18
11:30 - 12:00

On any given day, customers engage with brands from a myriad of different experiences; ranging across products, services, marketing, advertising and beyond. As design leaders, maintaining quality and cohesion between these disparate touchpoints is a herculean challenge. We want consistency and quality in everything our team produces - how we choose to change and organise ourselves internally, to meet the needs of today’s design-savvy consumer, is where ethe difference lies.

In this talk, Todd will share the origin story of MailChimp Design - a new department he helped shape and lead from within to improve brand experience at scale. These changes meant design at MailChimp was elevated from an embedded service within separate departments to a singular design org with its own identity, mission, values, and systems. Todd will reflect on how forming MailChimp Design succeeded - but more revealing for other design leaders - the failures and struggles he incurred as a leader and the challenges faced by forming a new department within such an established business. Todd's talk will give an insight into overcoming some of the challenges we all face as Design Leaders.