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Dan Willis is a user experience designer and consultant who has led design teams for The Washington Post, the Tribune Co., the Public Broadcasting System and Marriott International. His consulting clients have included Volkswagen, the Royal Bank of Canada and several U.S. federal agencies. He is currently working with the U.S. Digital Service to improve product development and design processes for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services.


The Weakest Member of Your Team

Wed 10 October 18
14:00 - 14:20

The team you lead is only as strong as its weakest team member, so what do you do if that weak team member is you?

If you’re like many design leaders, your team depends on you not just as a manager, but also as a practitioner, whether you’re approving the work of others or moving the pixels yourself. Supervising yourself as a practitioner is tricky business and even the best design managers find that they treat themselves poorly.

When we manage ourselves, we tend to have unreasonably high expectations and demand deadlines we would never require of someone else. Then we get frustrated as the self-abused practitioners and we start to lie to ourselves about how we’re doing and whether or not we need help. Our performance suffers.

In this talk, you’ll get practical tips and specific tactics for improving your relationship with yourself, both as a manager and as a practitioner who works for them.